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APMOK Offers "Greeting Cards & Invitations"

It is time to order your greeting cards from the most trusted local Greeting Cards resource. Whether you are looking for personalized Christmas cards or business greeting cards, APMOK supplies many of individuals and businesses with the most unique Christmas card & New Year selection to be found.

APMOK launches

APMOK launches "Printed by Campaign"

Starting August 1st, 2014, APMOK has launched a "Printed by APMOK" Campaign. We are offering a 5% discount on each item you allow us to place a small line on your project that says. "Printed by APMOK.com" If you already have a discount applied to your order than you will receive a 2.5% discount for placing "Printed by APMOK.com" on your order. When placing your order please mention you would like to participate in the printed by APMOK campaign and we will add this line to your artwork and send you a final proof.

Embroidery and Digitizing Services

July 1, 2014 APMOK will begin offering embroidery as an in house service. What this mean to our clients is we will be able to offer more options, faster turnaround, better quality and more competitive pricing.

 Embroidery and Digitizing Services